Connections Beyond Sight and Sound is a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education and the University of Maryland, College Park. This project supports Maryland and DC children and young adults with deafblindness in their homes, schools, and communities by providing consultation, training, special programs, resources, and technical assistance to children and their families and providers.


Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, the Maryland and DC DeafBlind Project is committed to supporting families, teachers, and service providers in their endeavors to improve outcomes for children and youth who experience both vision and hearing loss. Through providing technical assistance, training, and information, we aspire to improve the quality of life for people with deafblindness as they live in their homes, learn in their schools, socialize in their communities and access the services they choose.

Photo a man and a young boy working at a classroom table and touching fingers while smiling

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Thank you to all who completed our 2023 Annual Survey!  Below are some responses and comments to a question regarding what would you like to share about working with CBSS:

Working with CBSS has been extremely helpful and I appreciate the kind and professional approach to collaboration” 

CBSS is so important for the education of the deafblind student’s I am serving. The lives of my student’s are enriched by CBSS”

Our son has CHARGE Syndrome and working closely with Jen Willis has been key in developing his communication skills as well as our understanding of how to best connect with him. We are very grateful for CBSS and looking forward to partnering more as our son enters preschool this coming fall”