Who can request a Technical Assistance (TA) referral?

Any Maryland or DC family member or provider can submit a request for
technical assistance for a youth aged birth through 21 who is deaf-blind.

How is a request made?

Requests for TA can be made by completing the Referral Form below.
If you have any questions, you may reach us through our Contact Us page,
or call 301-405-0482

What is deaf-blindness?

Deaf-blindness is a combination of hearing and vision impairment
which can cause communication, developmental, and educational needs that
cannot be addressed by programs designed for just deafness or just blindness.
A person does not need to be completely deaf or completely blind
for the definition of deaf-blindness or to qualify for services.
Learn more about Intensive & Specific TA here…

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Technical Assistance Requests

Please download and complete the
Referral Form (click here…)

Return the competed form to
CBSS Project Director Donna Riccobono —
as an attachment in an email (click here),

or as a Fax sent to 301-314-9995

or by postal service mailed to:
University of Maryland, CHSE Dept. Attention: CBSS
1220 Benjamin Building College Park, MD 20747

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The Referral Form is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here:

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