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CBSS Inspirational & Celebration Videos

CBSS 2016 Celebrating Orion’s Journey — Video —
Heather Withrow, a mom who is deaf, shares her family story into the world of deafblindness that began before her son, Orion, was born, including her experiences with early intervention and Connections Beyond Sight and Sound.
Length: 4 min 53 sec —-> Watch here…
Visit Heather’s Facebook page — “A Mom’s Musings: Orion the Kid” here…

CBSS 2014 Introduction & Information Video —
“CBSS: What, Who, Where, How, Why” – The Maryland & DC Deaf-blind Project introduction video.
Length: 4 min 51 sec —- > Watch here… 

CBSS 2013 (June) — Summer Institute — CVI Phase III with Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy
CBSS 2013 Summer Institute — Phase III CVI — A video celebration of learning and living during the 2013 Summer Institute with Dr. Christine Roman on Phase III, Cortical Visual Impairment.
Length: 4 min 19 sec —- > Watch here…

CBSS 2008-2013 Five Year Grant Cycle Celebration 
CBSS 2008-2013 Five Year Cycle — A video celebration of the goals, activities, and accomplishments of Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, the Maryland Deaf-blind Project.
Length: 4 min 51 sec —- > Watch here…

CBSS 2010 Elijah Jiminez Memorial Golf Tournament — Foundation Funds
CBSS 2010 Elijah Jiminez Memorial Golf Tournament — Foundation Funds. Celebrating the life of Elijah Jimenez, and his family’s gift to Connections Beyond Sight and Sound Foundation Funds.
Length: 4 min 46 sec —- > Watch here…



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CBSS Informational & Webinar/Training Videos

CBSS Introduction & Information Video
“CBSS: What, Who, Where, How, Why” – The Maryland & DC Deaf-blind Project introduction video.
Length: 4 min 51 sec —- > Watch here… 

CBSS Training Materials & Resources
CBSS offers training videos and materials developed by the project across grant cycles, for use by parents and providers working with children who have deaf-blindness and/or cortical visual impairment.
Visit our CBSS Training Materials & Resources page here…  

CVI Assessment Training Videos

Deafblindness & CHARGE Syndrome
Assessment, Sensory Stim, Proprioceptive, Vestibular…
David Brown — 5 video clips
Length: Each clip runs approximately 3 to 6 minutes
Clip 1 of 5: David Brown — Effective Assessment of Deafblind Children 
Clip 2 of 5: David Brown — Assessing Self-stimulation as Proprioceptive Input
Clip 3 of 5: David Brown — Vestibular Input 
Clip 4 of 5: David Brown — Vestibular Ocular Reflex
Clip 5 of 5: David Brown — CHARGE Syndrome 

Feeding and Mealtime Support:
Marsha Dunn-Klein, Med, ORT/L — 8 video clips
Length: Each clip runs approximately 2 to 5 minutes
Clip 1: Exploring Toys and Food, Texture and Taste here…
Clip 2: Tube Feeding Time Can Be a Part of Typical Infant or Family Mealtime here…
Clip 3: The “Get Permission Approach” for Eating by Mouth or Tube Feeding here… 
Clip 4: Helping Infants and Children with Special Needs Understand “Hunger” here…
Clip 5: Using “Crumbs” as a “Texture Bridge” for Exploring New Foods here… 
Clip 6: Using “Utensils” as a “Timeline Bridge” for Exploring New Foods here… 
Clip 7: Understanding “Negative Food History” and Building Trust for New Routines here… 
Clip 8: Building Positive “Feeding Relationships” Through Physical and Emotional “Tilting” here..

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Other Videos & Webinar/Training Links

ASL Video Series
— the Helen Keller National Canter

The Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-blind Youth and Adults offers a reference guide of ASL signs used to describe technology. A series of videos, organized by category and alphabetically, are presented in ASL, voice, text and with text transcripts of how to produce the signs.
CLICK HERE to learn more or view the videos from HKNC…. 

Child-Guided Assessment
— Perkins Webcasts

Dr. Jan van Dijk — Child-Guided Assessment
In this first series of webcasts, Dr. Jan van Dijk of the Netherlands shares his expertise related to Child-Guided Assessment. Dr. van Dijk has more than 50 years of experience working with students with deaf-blindness. He discovered long ago that typical assessment methods are not successful for these individuals. The child-guided approach is recognized and used throughout the world.
1. Introduction
2. The Domains of Van Dijk Assessment
3. Behavioral State
4. Orienting Response
5. Channel of Learning
6. Approach Withdrawal
7. Memory and Anticipation
8. Social Interaction and Problem-Solving
9. The Advantages of Van Dijk Assessment
10. Insight Gained From Assessment.

—- > Visit website for links here… 

Cortical Visual Impairment
Visit the West Virginia Deaf-blind Project’s 
“CVI & Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy” resource page here…
—> This page offers links to numerous CVI training videos.

Disability Sensitivity Training & Tips Video
from the Office of Disability Rights
Brief, humorous, informational — “It doesn’t have to be awkward…”
Features CBSS Advisory Committee member, Paul Khouri
Length: 3 min 39 sec ––> Watch the video here… 
Learn more about the Office of Disability Rights here… 

Transition — From Early Intervention to Pre-School
Perkins School for the Blind — 6 chapter clips
Presenter: Lacey Smith
Length: The full video runs approximately 21 minutes
In this webcast, Lacey Smith a parent of a three year old girl with CVI talks about the challenges she experiences in transitioning her daughter from early childhood services to preschool. Smith talks about important topics such as developing the first Individualized Educational Program and finding the most appropriate placement and provides advice to parents in this regard.
—> Link to video here… 
Links to Chapter Transcripts:
—> Introduction here…
—> Early Intervention – Starting the Services Continuum
—> Forming the First IEP: Individualized Education Program
—> Finding the Most Appropriate School Setting
—> Emotional Issues Around Transition
Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Intervener Training — OHOA Module Videos:
—> Main page here…
—> Touch 1 Inquiry Challenge Part 2 (No Audio) (1 min 1 sec)
—> Two-handed Sign Language (Shorter Clip) (1 min 16 sec) here…
—> Jason & Matt: Exercise Routine (9 min 19 sec) here…
—> Ben with book (22 sec) here…

Usher Syndrome Video Links:
—> The Usher Syndrome Coalition Youtube video page here…
—> Understanding Usher Syndrom (3 min 33 sec video) here…
—> Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome (2 mi 22 sec long version video) here…
—> Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome (30 sec short version video) here…
—> Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome (15 sec clip version video) here…

Webinars — NYDBC Monthly Series
The New York Deaf Blind Collaborative is the NY State Deaf-blind Project — comparable to the Maryland & DC Deaf-blind Project (Connections Beyond Sight and Sound) — offers free online educational webinars each month. NYDBC’s monthly webinar series is usually offered on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm EST. These educational progress are free, and Certificates of Attendance will be provided upon request.
Recent webinar recordings
 — (75 min each, available for online viewing, free):
“Early Identification & Referral of Children with Dual Sensory Loss”
—- > 
“Enhancing Parent-Professional Collaborations”
 —- >
“Increasing Advocacy Skills”
—- >
“Service Provision Across Disciplines”
—- >
“Transition Planning for Young Adults who are Deaf-Blind”
—- >
“Understanding the Role & Function of an Intervener”
—- >

Webinars — Parents’ Place of Maryland (PPMD)
Parents’ Place of Maryland — Recorded Webinars — many different topics…
Is it difficult for you to get out to a workshop? Do you wish you could listen to a webinar when it’s convenient for you? Well, now you can! PPMD (a CBSS Partner) has pre-recorded webinars for you so that you can watch/listen when it’s convenient for your schedule!
Contact PPMD at 410-768-9100 or visit their website ( for more information.
View/Listen: Click on the links below to access the following webinars —
—> Autism Insurance in Maryland here… 
—> Smart IEPs: Goals and Objectives here…
—> The PARCC Assessments and Students with Disabilities here…
—> How Will I know if My Child is Making Progress here…

Miscellaneous Information Videos

Miscellaneous Inspiration Videos

  • “Exploring My World” – music video
    A song, written by twin musicians, Crystal and Danielle Morales of TheSynthFreq, who are both deafblind. The song is written from the perspective of a young person who is deafblind, who encourages their intervener and others in the world around them to recognize that they have possibilities (audio described version and text version of descriptions in the information on YouTube).
    Length: 1 min 15 sec –> Watch the music video HERE…
  • Touching Lives – The World of the Deaf-Blind
    A German video with information about Oberlin House, an innovative “Deaf-Blind Center” where independence is promoted, and where students (day students and residents) do everything from ride bikes and dance, to learn to use assistive technology and communication skills, to developing relationships with others — both those with and without hearing and sight — and a gaining a sensing of purpose in life.
    Length: 26 minutes —> Watch the video HERE… 


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