Celebrating Providers

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What matters historically?

Many historical individuals — some with sensory impairment and some without — 
who served as providers, educators, caregivers, mentors, and friends,
for youth and adults with deaf-blindness…

These pioneers became role models, and shifted expectations and standards
for how youth and adults with dual sensory impairments learn,
and live, and connect with the world.

Cardano Geronimo_Geronimo Cardano (1500s)

The first scholar to identify
that learning does not require hearing.

Abbe de L’Epee (1700s)L'Epee Abbe de

Creator of first known sign language;
established the first public free school for the deaf.

Heinicke SamuelSamuel Heinicke (1700s)

One of the first teachers of the deaf to use speech in education, he
also created the German method of sign language to meet students’ needs.

Colonel Thomas Handasyd Perkins (1764-1854)Handasayd Thomas

Donated his mansion and substantial funding to
create what became the Perkins School for the Blind.

 Clerc LaurentLaurent Clerc (1785-1869)

Pioneer in deaf education;
First deaf teacher; co-founder of the first U.S. school for the deaf

Thomas Gallaudet (1787-1851)Gallaudet Thomas

Co-founder of the first U.S. school for the deaf,
he was a pioneer in deaf education.

??????????????????????Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

Created an institution to train teachers of the deaf
in the use of oral education.

Louise Braille (1809-1852)Braille Louis

Inventor of Braille — a system of reading and writing
for individuals who with blindness or vision loss.
He lost his vision during childhood.

Hadley William_William Hadley (1860-1941)

Lost his vision as an adult.
Established the first school to teach Braille.

Annie Sullivan (1866-1936)Keller Helen and Sullivan AnnieVignette Portrait of Anne Sullivan

American teacher who lost her vision as a young teenager.
She is best known for being the teacher of Helen Keller.


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What matters now, and for the future?

Celebrating CBSS Maryland & DC providers who have served
youth with deaf-blindess — as educators, interveners, audiologists,
teachers of the visually impaired or deaf and hard of hearing,
related service providers, para-educators, aides, and other caregivers!

We celebrate CBSS providers — because they matter.
See information below, and share your provider celebration here!

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Visit our
“Celebrating Families”
page here…
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Connecting Providers with Tips & Resources

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Family Celebration Photo Album

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Posted in order received:
Row 1:  Dr. Diane Kelly——–Dr. Jan Van Dijk——Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy——David Brown
Row 2: — Robbie Blaha———-Linda Mamer— —Jen Keenan & Paula Hamilton—–Mark Campano
Row 3: Marsha Dunn-KleinYou/Your provider/colleague!

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Share your provider story — celebrating anyone who is or
who has been a part of CBSS across the years.
We would like to celebrate providers with a photo and caption.

Share your name or the name of a provider you want to celebrate…
Include the type of service the person provides, for whom, and where…
Include the impact the provider has on youth with deaf-blindness and families…
Include a favorite activity, teaching style, and/or achievement…
Don’t forget to include a photo… (e-mail to DrJeni2008@gmail.com)
(Please sign our Photo & Video Release Form here...)

You send us the information, and we will
create a Provider Spotlight Celebration for this page!

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