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What matters historically?

Many historical individuals with deaf-blindness or
sensory impairment and their family members…
These pioneers became role models, and shifted expectations and standards
for how youth and adults with dual sensory impairments learn,
and live, and connect with the world.

Goya FranciscoFrancis Goya (1746-1828)

Spanish painter who lost hearing as adult, yet continued to paint.
He later lost his vision as well.

James Mitchell (1795-1869)

Born with congenital deaf-blindness, he used curiosity,
touch, taste, and smell to learn, and gestures to interact.

Sanzan Tana (1802-1867)

Japanese teacher who lost his hearing as child, and then lost his vision as adult.
He communicated with his students using touch.

Laura Bridgeman (1829-1889)Bridgman Laura

The first deaf-blind child successfully educated in U.S.
She learned written English using raised letters
as Braille and ASL were not yet created.

Keller Helen 1Helen Keller (1880-1968)

American author, activist, and public speaker.
She became deaf-blind as a toddler due to illness.
As a young adult, she became the first
deaf-blind person to graduate from college
(which she did with honors).

Gerald Lawhorn (1917-2016) Geraldine Lawhorn

Educator, African-American pioneer,
pianist, poet, author, fashionista,
and Harry Potter fan.

Richard Kenney (1924-1979)Kinney Richard

Educator, lecturer, and poet.
He served as a president of the
Hadley School for the Blind.

Smithdas Richard Robert Smithdas (1925-2014)

Author, service director, and first U.S. person
with deaf-blindness to earn a Master’s degree.

Vaughn Brown

 Vaughn Brown (1980s – present)

Award-winning drummer and music teacher
who lost both hearing and vision during childhood.

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What matters now, and for the future?

Celebrating youth with deaf-blindess or sensory impairment
and their families who have been involved with CBSS across the years!

We celebrate CBSS children and families — because they matter.
See information below, and share your child and family celebration here!

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“Celebrating Providers”
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Family Celebration
Videos, Blogs & Links

CVI Momifest — Blog & Photos —
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CVI Momifesto — Blog & Photos —
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  • CVI MOMIFESTO — a blog created by Rebecca Davis, mother of Eliza, with the mission of “Building a Community of Parents of Children with Cortical Visual Impairment.” The blog entries  — which weave together both information and inspiration — are posted to both her Facebook page and a dedication blog website (see links above).
  • Entries are posted with newest blog at the top of the page, and include:
    • “Vision Time” is not a thing. Incidental Learning is. Part One.
    • The Dance of the CVI Mom at an IEP (Could I Put More Initials in a Title? A-OK!)
    • Kids Can’t Wait
    • Momifesto: A Definition 


CBSS 2016 Celebrating Orion’s Journey — Video —


“JustWaitAndSee” — Blog & Photos/Videos –

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Family Celebration Photo Album

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Posted in order received:
Row 1: Jamie Stepanek——-Sarah Nellinson——Neo———–Elijah Jimenez
Row 2: Paul Khouri———-Maryn L.—————Your child/family!

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CBSS Family Activity Photo Albums

CBSS Foundation Activity Photo Albums

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Has your child or family been a part of CBSS across the years?
We would like to celebrate your child and/or family —
playing or learning, at home or at school or in the community.

You can simply send us a photo, a video, artwork,
or whatever you would like to share,
to celebrate your child and family journey,
and we will add it to our template and the Family Album.

We also encourage you to share your
child’s name, age, diagnosis or nature of sensory impairment…
Include a favorite activity, learning style, and/or achievement…
Don’t forget to include a photo… (e-mail to DrJeni2008@gmail.com).
(Please sign our Photo & Video Release Form here...)

You send us the information, and we will
create a Family Spotlight Celebration for this page!

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Check out our News & Events pages,
and our Resource & Links pages to stay informed
about opportunities for training and networking!

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