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Next Meeting:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Johns Hopkins University — Columbia, MD
Center for Technology Education (CTE)
Rooms 218/219 (room #s to be confirmed)

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 What is the Joint Steering Committee?

Once a year, the CBSS Joint Steering Committee meets to review and exchange information and expertise that support the mission of improving outcomes for children who have dual sensory impairment. State Steering Committees were birthed from MSDE more than two decades ago to support MSDE in its endeavor to improve programs for students with D/HH or B/VI in the state of Maryland. The purpose of the CBSS Joint Steering Committee annual meeting is to bring together professionals and representatives from the State Steering Committee on programs for D/HH and B/VI students in Maryland (and also in DC since 2013 when the Maryland and DC Deaf-blind Projects merged).

Why does the Joint Steering Committee matter? 

These professionals and representatives carry a wealth of knowledge regarding student needs and quality programs in their school systems. Because of these professionals and this annual meeting, CBSS staff are better able to meet child outcomes and also complete the annual child count for the deaf-blind census for our federal grant. The Joint Steering Committee is the unique group of people who support the completion of the annual deaf-blind child count for the state of Maryland. This has a great impact on collecting accurate data information regarding students around the state who have dual sensory loss.

When and where do Joint Steering Committee Meetings take place?

The annual meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday in January. The meetings take place in a location central to the state of Maryland and Washington, DC — usually Columbia, MD. Throughout the year, members of the Joint Steering Committee members interact with CBSS staff through e-mail, phone conversations, or during other meetings, events, or activities.

What happens during Joint Steering Committee Meetings?

The mission of each Joint Steering Committee meeting is to facilitate ongoing coordination, collaboration, partnerships, and resource dissemination — all with the ultimate goal of improving child outcomes. At the start of each meeting, the annual Child Count census is discussed. Following that, members participate in presentations, discussions, activities, information sharing, videos, research, and other activities during the morning session. After a working lunch, the afternoon session consists of  Committee Meetings.

Who serves on the Joint Steering Committee?

The professionals representatives who serve as members of the Joint Steering Committee are typically, but not limited to, Teachers of the D/HH, teachers of the B/VI, supervisors of the D/HH or B/VI programs in their local county, audiologist, and other providers who work with students with deaf-blindness. We bring this group together to provide an opportunity for enhanced collaboration between and among the various disciplines and providers serving children in the Maryland and DC area. Since 2013, when the Maryland and DC Deaf-blind Projects merged, we have also had one or more representatives from DC participate in the meetings. The CBSS staff is grateful to each member of the Joint Steering Committee for their support and commitment to service.


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2013-2018 CBSS
Joint Steering Committee

State Steering Committee for
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 
Chairperson — Olivia Hill

State Steering Committee for
Blind and Visually Impaired Students 
Chairperson — Lisa Wright 

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(2016-2017 meeting — coming soon)

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2014-2015 Joint Committee Meeting





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