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Advisory Committee Meeting

Advisory Committee Meeting
November 7, 2014
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Columbia, MD

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(Nov 7, 2014 Printable Agenda — HERE…)
(Nov 7, 2014 AC Meeting Minutes — HERE…)
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Facilitator – Dr. Jeni Stepanek

Introductions / Update Roster


   Within the Project: Year 1 into Year 2
  • Accomplishments & Plans
      Conceptual Framework – 5 Key Areas (click here for graphic)
  • Child Count –
    2013-14 – done and done well!
    2014-15 – begins late January
  • Policy, Practice, and Partnerships
    Interveners (OHOA Modules and more…)
    SSP (Training ongoing with partners…)
    Transition (Training that builds on itself with partners…)
    Learning & Communication (STW, SI, and what next…)
    Families (FLT, Foundation, activities…)
  • Technical Assistance
    Specialized (STW, SI…)
    Intensive (very intense, increased numbers…)
    Universal (website, social media, new video, resources…)
   Across the State: Information Sharing
  •  –> Shared information – check Minutes
    (link at top of the page)


Policy & Topical Updates

  • Pediatric CVI – Dr. Sandy Newcomb
    What is this?
    Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society
    Promotes optimal care for children/students with CVI
    Develops best practice guidelines
    Promotes interdisciplinary learning
    Disseminates information (timely and accurate)
    Advocates resource allocation for those with CVI
    Why this matters…
    CVI has been a part of our grant activities
    CBSS continues with those partnerships in various ways
    PCVI Membership Application and/or Charitable Donations
    LINKS –> 
       Pediatric CVI Meeting Notes — HERE… 
       PCVI Member Application Form — HERE…

Mini-Grant Presentation


Special Topic Presentation: Interveners

—> View the INTERVENER presentation slides –> HERE...
Summary and LINKS below…

Next Meeting:  April 24, 2015

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PHOTOS from the NOV 7, 2014 AC MTG


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