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CBSS Grant Objective:

The aim of the technical assistance priority is to deliver technical assistance and training necessary to improve outcomes for children who are deaf-blind. This TA and training will be made available to personnel in the schools, classrooms, or early intervention systems where these children are served.

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What this means:

Technical Assistance — or TA — is not new. In fact, TA has been a signature activity of CBSS across every five-year grant cycle.
The staff at Connections has always worked hard to provide information, training, and support to families and providers working with children who have deaf-blindness. What is new in the current grant cycle is that three specific types of TA have been delineated — Targeted TA, Intensive TA, and Universal TA.

Targeted & Specialized TA

  • Targeted & Specialized TA consists of is one-time or episodic events offered by CBSS.
  • These training and support events are developed based on needs that common to multiple recipients, and they more topical and not extensively individualized at the individual child level.
  • Examples of Targeted & Specialized TA include hosting a regional or national conference, offering a series of conference calls on a particular topic, and our Summer Institute and Special Topics Workshop events.
  • Information about upcoming Targeted & Specialized TA activities are posted on our News & Events page.
  • To receive e-mail updates about upcoming CBSS training events, please visit our Contact Us page and request to be added to our Constant Contact mailing list.
  • All members of the CBSS staff are involved in Targeted & Specialized TA.


Intensive & Specific TA

  • Intensive & Specific TA is direct interaction with a CBSS staff specific to the needs of an individual child.
  • This level of TA includes purposeful and planned series of activities designed to reach an outcome chosen by the TA recipient (i.e., the family members and/or providers working with the child).
  • Intensive & Specific TA is available by request to families, providers, schools or districts. It may be provide on-site, or it may involve distance technology. It may also involve specific training opportunities — such as participation in the Intervener Training Project or the Delrey Demonstration Project. Please click here to access our Referral Form.
  • Although multiple staff members are involved with the provision of Intensive & Specific TA, Sandra Newcomb is the CBSS Intensive TA Specialist and has the lead role for this service.


Universal & General TA


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