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2013 1200 Delrey School staff setting up model classrooms

CBSS is working with Delrey School in Baltimore, Maryland to support staff in learning about and providing evidence-based practices for children who have deaf-blindness and other disabilities. Similar to the Demonstration Classroom CBSS helped establish at the Maryland School for the Blind during the previous grant cycle, the Delrey School Project will become a role model of best-practice training and outreach for families and providers across Maryland and DC.

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Exciting Updates… 


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CBSS Partner — Delrey School

As a part of the annual “Hoodstock” event,
Delrey School (site of a CBSS Demonstration Project)
is raising funds that will directly benefit their students.

—- Tie dye shirts (made by students & staff)
—- While supplies last — 1 shirt $10 // 2 shirts $20
—- Contact Sara to support this effort
—- –> Sara Kempler:


2016 1014 CBSS AC Meeting - z

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WINTER & SPRING 2015 Update


View the slides from Sara Kempler’s
April 24, 2015 special presentation
to the CBSS Advisory Committee here… 

Delrey School is in the news!
Check out this great article and video
from the Baltimore Sun here… 

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SUMMER 2014 Update

The Delrey School Demonstration Project
Receives Approval for Programming for
Dual Sensory Impaired Students

ARTICLE from July 2014 Baltimore Child, p.34. 
Reprinted/posted with approval

Sarah materials IMG_4355

Sara Kempler, senior teacher at Delrey School, during a presentation on curriculum adaption for children with dual sensory impairment.


The complex needs of students with multiple disabilities are best met through the consistent collaboration of teachers and related service providers. The Delrey School is a nurturing and supportive non-public school providing educational programs for children requiring academic and related services to maximize their development. Intensive therapies in the areas of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language therapy and socialization are an integral part of its integrated school program.

In addition to these services, Delrey provides a therapeutic feeding program, total communication program, sensory processing therapy, community day care, assistive technology, social work services, medication management, school health services, wheelchair, adaptive curriculum and equipment.

Always seeking to provide for students with unique needs, since 2008 Delrey has collaborated with Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education and the University of Maryland at College Park, supported by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, to provide teacher and staff training, as well as technical assistance, to address the needs of students with dual sensory impairment including cortical visual impairment.

Sarah display of materials

A display of science materials and adaptations for children with dual sensory impairment.

Based on the success of that collaboration, last year Delrey entered into an agreement with Connections to broaden its services to include the needs of children who are deaf-blind / dual sensory impairments, resulting in severe communication and educational needs that cannot be accommodated in special education programs solely for children with deafness or blindness. This collaborative project means that Delrey has access to state of the art equipment, ongoing staff training, and academic programming materials. With its small, structured environment, Delrey is becoming the go-to program to address these children with complex sensory needs that have been overlooked.

A key ingredient to the success of Delrey’s program for children with a sensory-related diagnosis is its Sensory Processing Room, which features protective walls and flooring, special lighting, and various suspended equipment, and its Sensory Lending Library, which has various switches, tactual puzzles, multi-sensory learning materials, light boxes, and speaker/ amplification devices. Additionally, the school’s Adapted Playground accommodates students with and without motor disabilities.

All departments recognize the importance of utilizing a multi-sensory approach to addressing the needs of the students. In small classroom settings, a teacher, instructional aides, and an occupational therapist work as a team to help children practice their fine motor skills, while a physical therapist helps them change positions as they learn. Speech-language pathologists work closely with the teachers to insure the students are using a variety of high and low tech devices, such as iPads, voice-output communication devices, signing, and pictures, to enhance learning.

Sarah flower

Sara Kempler, senior teacher at Delrey School, shares ideas on adapting a science lesson for children with dual sensory impairment.

In 2014 Delrey celebrates 50 years of serving students with multiple disabilities. This has been possible with a philosophy focusing on the importance of working as an integrated team for the success of the students.

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Summer Institute 2014 -- How We All Learn

Summer Institute 2014 -- How We All Learn