National Family Needs Survey

 NCDB and NFADB have partnered to create
a National Family Needs Survey to assist
family organizations, state deaf-blind projects,
and NCDB with future planning.

They need YOU! 

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At this time of future planning, we are requesting your feedback on what has been helpful for you in raising and supporting your child and what additional supports you would find useful. At NCDB, our mission is to provide resources and training to help support the state deaf-blind projects in their work with caregivers and service providers in meeting the needs of children with deaf-blindness, as well as the work of national organizations for families of individuals who are deaf-blind. If you have a child who has deaf- blindness, we would be extremely grateful if you would click the link below and provide feedback to help us better serve you.

Please participate in this important survey project

by February 17, 2017.

Link to the survey:

You do not have to complete the survey all at once.

If you need to save it and come back to complete it later,
that’s perfectly fine.

Here are the directions on
how to save what you have done:

Complete page 1 and then click on “Next.”
Once you are on page 2,
you will see a bar on the top of the page
that says  “Save and continue later.”
Click on these words.
You will be asked to provide your
email address and verify it.
Click “Save.”
Once you have done this,
you will be sent a new URL.
When you have time,
click on that URL to resume the survey
where you left off


Link to the survey:

They hope to receive your feedback
by February 17, 2017.


The results of this national survey
will assist family organizations,
the state deaf-blind projects,
and NCDB in future planning.


All results will be kept
confidential and anonymous.

If you have questions about the survey,
please feel free to contact
Mark Schalock,
Data and Evaluation Coordinator
at NCDB –

Thanks so much for your help!