2015-2016 Mini-Grants

APPLICATION DEADLINE — closed November 16, 2015
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Connections Beyond Sight and Sound is pleased to announce our
Field Initiated Demonstration Activities / Mini-Grant Program
for the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia only.
This program provides the opportunity for
direct service providers and administrators to
develop innovative projects, to replicate successful practices,
or to enrich and expand curriculum in ways that directly
and positively affect services to students with
deafblindness / severe disabilities.
This year we are proud to announce
the award opportunities are
of up to $1000.00 each.
The awards may be used to supplement
existing funds available through other sources.
Priority will be given to those mini-grants that
directly involve students with deafblindness
or the staff at the program where they are educated.
The deadline for applications was
November 16, 2015. 
 Interested participants will
need to complete the following:

1. Completion of Mini-Grant Award application,
including demographic form.
2. A description of the requested program material(s),
including approximate cost.
3. Narrative response to each of the five scoring criteria
listed in the scoring criteria form.
 Please share this opportunity with your co-workers.
Feel free to copy and disseminate the information to
individuals whom you think would be interested.
We look forward to receiving your application.
Please contact Donna Riccobono donnaric@umd.edu
if you have any questions.

To learn more about the CBSS Mini-Grant Program or
to learn more about previous recipients and their initiatives


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Visit our Photo Gallery pages to enjoy highlights
of Field-initiated Demonstration Projects
across the years (or click here…)

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Field-Initiated Demonstration Project
Mini-grant Recipients

These recipients presented posters
on their projects during the

CBSS Spring 2016 Advisory Committee Meeting
which was in conjunction the Spring 2016 STW.
To learn more about the event and
to view photos from the poster presentations



Kelly Jarrett (AT Specialist) and 
Karin Nord (AT Specialist)
Maryland School for the Blind
 “On the move! Bringing Multi-sensory Experiences 
to Students that Need Them Most” 
Sensory / multi-sensory experiences are often essential for learning 
for children with disabilities. These experiences provide them with 
additional information needed to learn a concept, assist staff with 
understanding behavior, and  to help organize the students 
sensory system. For students with dual sensory impairments, 
activities that incorporate lights, sounds, smells and vibrations 
are essential for learning. The use of a mobile multi-sensory cart 
would allow all service providers access to these activities for 
their students in their natural classroom environment.

Sara Kempler, Special Education Teacher 
focusing on deaf-blindness and CVI
Delrey School (CBSS Demonstration Project)
“Instructional Strategies – Adapting Curriculum for 
Students with Sensory Impairments” 
The objective is to increase the ease of visually seeing objects 
in order to access curriculum. Expected outcomes are 
to enhance the students learning and increase staff involvement
in facilitating access to students so they can review and practice skills. 

Nikki Woodward (TVI) and 
Louise Rollins (D/HH)
Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County Infants & Toddlers Program
“Social Learning and Community Play Program 
for Toddlers with Dual Sensory Loss”
Learning opportunities will address the use of multiple sensory channels 
to access early literacy, language, pre-numeracy, problem solving, 
and pre-writing skill development using developmentally appropriate 
themes and materials. The target goal is to empower and support families 
with the knowledge and know how to engage their 
toddlers in learning and social exchanges during play. 

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